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Singing, Interrupted

8 comments on “Singing, Interrupted

  1. John Spencer says:

    I very much enjoyed listening to your beautiful voice singing your songs and compellingly telling your story; thank you Elizabeth.

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    1. Thanks professor! Also, I hope to have you again for a class 🙂


  2. Blu says:

    This was a very intriguing piece! The way you spoke a bit quickly in-between the singing parts sounded a bit to me like a musical rhythm — it was catchy in a unique way 👌 And very nice voice!

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  3. It was great listening to your story and hearing about your passion for music and singing! I like how in the video, your singing was interrupted (as per your title) by your beautiful story, and then you got to finish at the end again. I think it’s such a good way of illustrating the hope that one day we can all go back to the dreams and passions some of us may have lost through this liminal space that is the pandemic.

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  4. Hannah says:

    Lizzie, you have a lovely voice! I’m glad you are continuing to sing during this weird time. I hope you can go out and sing again soon!


  5. gcrone14 says:

    Lizzie, wow, you are a talent!! Your voice is so melodic, so beautiful, so incredible. I have to say that your simple yet effective imagery really tied the piece together for me!! Nothing feels so raw, so vulnerable, as an empty stadium, juxtaposed so nicely with a concert! This was such an incredible touch— a very emotional one— that only accentuated your wonderful voice and your powerful words.

    Great work!!

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  6. kerrydoyle17 says:

    thank you for this multi-modal creation, for bring us into your mind and leading us through your experiences through your voice, words, chosen images, and videos.

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  7. hanniemarg says:

    First of all your voice is beautiful. I really enjoyed listening to you sing and it was a nice combination of prose with poetry/singing. Music and lyrics are an amazing form of poetry so it was really great to see that aspect explored here.

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